I seem to have run into the issue, once again, of having started projects and not finding them finished.  I got the most important project done just in time for Christmas, my first sewing project: a quilt for my mom!


Talk about jumping into things head first!  I went from being able to attach buttons (literally never having sewed before), to making a quilt that covers a queen sized bed. It was really fun picking out color schemes and textures, and taking a pile of pieces of fabric, cutting them all up, and putting them together to make something beautiful.

The Mister’s mom taught me how.


Now I’m working on a quilt for friend I went to high school with. Her favorite color is purple. It is going to be a very purple quilt. I’m excited to see how it goes, because this quilt is a lot more complicated (the first one was a very easy one), but it’s coming together slowly.

Maybe next I’ll make something I can wear, like a dress.  I could probably get a dress done a lot faster than a blanket. Classes are getting to a heavier point though, so I don’t know when I’ll get all of these things done.


Last, there is this long-lingering project I’ve been working on but not quite finishing. I’ve got all of the squares crocheted, but it’s the putting them together that I just can’t seem to get done.

I guess I’ll update as things progress. Luckily, not sleeping gives me time to study more and get these projects done!