1. My name is Claire Mason and I love food. The making, the baking, all of it. It might be an addiction, but I do not plan on recovering.
  2. I was raised in a family where good food was a symbol of with love. I believe that it has a lot to do with how I approach food. I want to feed the people I love so that they know I do.
  3. When I’m not a fan of a food (and that’s a rather short list of things), it will taste better if I can dip it in something, or put a sauce on it. This was my mother’s method of getting me to eat things I didn’t like when I was little, and the method holds true.
  4. If I were to know that I would die tomorrow, I would want my mom’s spaghetti sauce on whole grain spaghetti noodles, with lemon-y iced tea to drink and brownies for dessert. That would be my perfect last meal.
  5. My two biggest chef crushes are Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson. If they had a child it would be the most sublimely dichotomous person, but would it ever be able to cook! (Assuming talent is an inheritable trait).
  6. I am currently a student, working on my BSc H in genetics. I will likely always be a student, though life hopefully won’t charge tuition on a semestered basis.
  7. If genetics doesn’t work out, I will most likely go into culinary arts or massage therapy. I can give a great massage.
  8. I am a romantic. I do not believe that that is hopeless.
  9. I loved climbing trees when I was a kid, and am still known to do it when the muse descends.
  10. Tulips are my favorite flower. My grandma used to grow them along the side of her house, and I remember picking them when I was little.
  11. I spent time in El Salvador building houses a few summers ago. I have personally dug foundations with shovels. It was an amazing experience.
  12. The only nickname that ever stuck for any reasonable amount of time was Angel, and I was called it by only a certain person. Other than that I have just always been called by my name.
  13. It is very tranquil to be awake in the morning before anyone else in the house is up. I tend to be awake before anyone else often.
  14. Ignorance really bothers me. I mean, I can understand that a person cannot know everything, but a person actively choosing not to know, I cannot.
  15. I really like lingerie. I probably own more than I should. It’s getting to be a nigh upon unholy obsession.
  16. I have never been good at sleeping. It’s a hard thing to not be good at.
  17. I have gone five days without sleeping at all. That’s the longest I’ve ever been awake for, it was not fun. Four days will happen a couple of times a year.
  18. The Strong and Noble Wonderfully Handsome Mister helps me to sleep; he keeps me safe and warm and reassures me when I get scared.
  19. I scare really easily.
  20. I am known for getting the giggles and not being able to stop.
  21. When I was little and there were thunderstorms, I would get into my swimsuit and dance in the rain on the driveway. There are pictures.
  22. I love thyme, in almost any application, sweet or savory, eg: Lemon and thyme madeleines, rosemary and thyme roast chicken…
  23. Many people say they like all kinds of music, but quickly dwindle it down to particular kinds. Literally, I like all kinds of music. Not to say that I like all music, it is just that I like songs on a song-to-song basis covering all genres I’ve encountered. I’m not one to decide not to like something because of a specific label it has.
  24. This phrase has affected me recurrently ever since I read it as a little girl, “Those who don’t look for magic will never find it.” –Roald Dahl.
  25. I believe in equality, and not in the sense the world seems to have skewed it. Equality doesn’t work if some people get to be more equal than others.
  26. I’m that girl who is friends with all the boys. Most people just don’t seem to understand how it works, but they don’t need to.
  27. My Grandma taught me to do crosswords when I was little, my Baba taught me to knit. I still do both.
  28. I fidget, a lot, if I don’t have something to do. I used to be worse when I was younger. I believe that is why I was taught both of the above, and potentially why I still do them.
  29. I still make wishes when I blow out the candles.
  30. I like men who are masculine in the traditional sense. Having someone strong and chivalrous who can protect you is important to me.
  31. A man with well defined arm muscles can make me weak in the knees. The mister has gorgeous arms.
  32. My brain takes me where I go, but my heart will decide how long I stay.
  33. Recurring lateral patellar subluxations suck. Thank goodness for surgery to fix that problem.
  34. I tend to speed, but I have never had a ticket.
  35. Nothing sucks the joy out of art for me like dissecting it. Nothing intrigues in science like taking a problem and dissecting it.
  36. I was scared of the dark for in inordinately long time. Almost bordering on phobic scared.
  37. You want to be on my team for Trivial Pursuit. I am the queen of random and arcane knowledge.
  38. The Strong and Noble Wonderfully Handsome Mister prefers boxers. I prefer men in boxer briefs.
  39. I’m quite politically moderate; or at least a quite conservative liberal.
  40. I actually enjoy honestly and open-mindedly considering dissenting opinions, it’s a good way to find a deeper understanding of a topic.
  41. All of my favorite restaurants are small ones owned by families that make sure the food is full of love and care. It is important to me that there is passion put into food, or at very least not dispassion.
  42. I love sleeping in a very cold room under the weight of lots of heavy covers.
  43. I can remember very clearly how I thought and viewed the world as a child. Sometimes I think this is a good thing, sometimes not.
  44. A friend once told me that I look at the world as if I’ve never seen it before.
  45. It takes a lot to make me angry.
  46. I hate being angry. So I cry. I can’t help it, it just happens. And then, whoever it is being subjected to this crying-anger doesn’t take me seriously because they think I’m sad, which makes it all worse.
  47. I love opening and receiving mail.
  48. Good stationary is invaluable to writing love letters. I’ve written the mister a few, it just doesn’t feel right on loose leaf.
  49. Big Bird, of Sesame Street, was my first crush. My mother tells people stories about how I had a poster of him when I was a very small girl and would stand on my bed and talk about marrying him.
  50. I was a vegan for two years. It was a very ideological time. Sometimes I wonder how I lived without real from-meat-drippings gravy that long.
  51. Pepperoni is the one food I liked before I was a vegan that I just cannot stomach anymore.
  52. I like my steak rare.
  53. I don’t understand why people use pancake mix when making them by scratch is so easy.
  54. It scares the daylights out of me that many of today’s children don’t seem to understand what it is to pretend, or want to.
  55. Butter is better than margarine, bar none. I do not own margarine.
  56. I like to play sports of all kinds, but have never been very good at any of them. I’m pretty well coordinated, good at running and jumping, but never really excelled at sports.
  57. I went to school in a division too small to have advanced classes, and school administration judged me ‘too small’ to skip a grade (they thought it would separate me from the other older kids), still, I took almost all of my math and sciences, and English (where it fit the schedule) a year early. I pretty much had an unofficial skip grade.
  58. When I hear a song I like I can listen to it very often without tiring of it.
  59. As a child I was painfully shy. I’m still shy in certain situations, but it is nothing like it was when I was little.
  60. I love the ocean, and swimming, and just water in general. A day at the beach should be a day at the beach, not an afternoon.
  61. People’s stories intrigue me.
  62. I still get that little thrill of excitement feeling the plane lift off the runway every time I’ve ridden an airplane.
  63. Driving for an hour to see a friend is a worthwhile hour to spend.
  64. I don’t believe that chivalry is dead.
  65. There is so much to learn and experience, I sometimes feel like I’m missing things when I take a breather.
  66. Being stalked is not glamorous, it’s horrific.
  67. Dealing with the bits of food that get stuck in the drain stopper after doing the dishes is my least favorite part of any chore I have to do.
  68. I like hiking trips, but I really don’t like them if they are only day trips. It’s just a long walk if you don’t get to sleep outside.
  69. I have a bad habit of starting sentences with “So,” I am trying to stop.
  70. Tuesday is one of the best feeling days of the week. It always seems to be calm.
  71. I am on a quest to find the perfect lemon drop. They’re always so tasty but flawed.
  72. I am absolutely in love with being in love. It is the best feeling.
  73. My best friend in the whole world died two years ago. Whenever my phone rings in the morning I still think that it’s him.
  74. Among other things, he left me the ring he always wore. It has kind of turned into my good luck charm.
  75. I have learned not to think the thought, “That will never happen to me.”
  76. I’m a wee bit of an over achiever…
  77. My father’s Irish genes have ensured that I will forever be very fair and prone to sunburn.
  78. I didn’t learn to snap my fingers until midway through high school.
  79. After my first year of university I switched exclusively to cursive handwriting. It’s prettier than my printing ever was, and faster to boot!
  80. I am learning how to sew and loving it!
  81. Tea is my hot beverage of choice. Coffee makes me jittery and sick to my stomach.
  82. I still drive the car that I learned to drive in. It is the only one I have ever owned.
  83. I would really love to be a mother one day.
  84. If you ask me for help, I will most likely help.
  85. My hair is about shoulder length. That is the longest it has ever been in my life and I can’t wait for it to get longer.
  86. I love a man in a suit. Makes me like melt. And, as I’ve learned, a man in uniform does too!
  87. I don’t think it is wrong to recognize differences between people. Differences should be recognized and appreciated.
  88. Despite growing up in the country and all of my friends having horses when I was little, I have never ridden a horse.
  89. I like dancing. I think it would be fun to learn how to waltz.
  90. Bubble baths are what get me out of a funk when I fall in to one.
  91. I am a confirmed skinny dipper.
  92. Most of the drinks I enjoy are girly cocktails, I’ve never met a blue drink I didn’t like. Conversely, I also enjoy rye.
  93. I am a very cheap drunk.
  94. Beautiful music gives me goosebumps.
  95. I like hugs. Hugs are great.
  96. My mind goes on tangents really easily sometimes. If something, A, happens, it will make me think about B, which is related to C, so I’ll say something about D, and then… So, I’m sorry if I get off of topic.
  97. I don’t drink soda unless there is alcohol in it.
  98. Generally, I feel like a short person, because the next tallest person who lives in my house is seven inches taller than me (the tallest one is a foot and four inches taller than me). I’m 5’4.”
  99. I prefer waxing to shaving. It really does not hurt as much as people say it does.
  100. My favorite movie ever is Gladiator. So good!